CRA WFA Announcement

November 17, 2016

As most people are aware, today the CRA has made a major announcement regarding the movement of work and displacement of our members. There will be 2396 members affected, notwithstanding the effect this will have on our terms and members on acting positions that will not be renewed.

We have been hearing rumours in regards to major changes for months and have been attempting to elicit information and consultation from management. We were repeatedly told that management could not reply or comment on rumours. Now these rumours have come true.

The lack of respect shown to our members and their representatives shows the mindset of the CRA management.

Management certainly has the right to reassign work and redistribute resources, but if they had consulted with the Union, we may have been able to provide information and suggestions that could have lessened the effects on our members’ lives.

We will be diligent in ensuring that all of our members’ rights are respected and we will try to mitigate the number of term jobs that are lost.

The senior management of CRA have certainly not shown any consideration, except for the nice words that they appreciate the work our members do. Unfortunately, the people who actually do the work and who are in the best position to evaluate the delivery of those services were not engaged in this process.

After years of cuts and with the latest infusion of budgetary funds by the Liberal government, the best way for CRA to fulfill its mandate is to increase the number of employees doing the job and to offer improved services to Canadians.

If you are one of the members that has been affected by these initiatives, or if you want to know more about what is happening in your office, please speak to your local union representative.  Remember that there are EAP services available through your office.

In Solidarity 

Robert Cambpell's signature

UTE National President