Convention Comments Number 5

April 18, 2017

The Convention Business

The convention's business shall consist primarily of the following matters:

  1.  Adoption of Rules of Order;

  2. The President's Report;

  3. Ratification of the various committee recommendations respecting resolutions submitted to the convention;

  4. A proposed year-to-year budget for the period between conventions;

  5. Election of Executive Officers;

  6. Election of delegates to PSAC convention.

As the Executive Council is charged with the responsibility of arranging the convention agenda, members of that body normally - although this is not something to be rigidly enforced - move and second a motion of adoption in the case of the Rules of Order.

Once this motion is accepted by the convention chairperson, it is open to debate and the mover, seconder, or chairperson may reply to any question or information put by the delegates before the motion is voted upon.

The various committees which have been established for this convention are:  By-Laws, Finance, Collective Bargaining, General Resolutions, Credentials and Nominations Committee.

Matters put before the convention by the Executive Council and the various locals are in the form of resolutions and are considered and reported on by the appropriate committee.  There is no fixed order of precedence for tabling committee reports. However, changes to By-Laws and the budget are given priority because they can only be adopted at Convention.

The election of the Executive Council and delegates to the PSAC convention will take place during the convention.  This will be discussed in a forthcoming bulletin.