Convention Comments Number 11

June 26, 2017

Convention Registration and the President's Reception

All participants to a triennial Convention must register and obtain credentials in order to be permitted access to the Convention floor. This applies, without exception, to every delegate, observer, guest and staff member.  The registration process is an integral and critical part of the management of a Convention.

To respect the importance of the registration process, and in an attempt to allow every participant ample opportunity to register, the National Office holds Registration open for extended hours on the day preceding the opening of the Convention proceedings. You are expected to make every attempt to register on this day.

The registration process is also open on the morning of the Convention commencement, usually only for an hour or so, and only to allow for registration of those participants who were prevented from registering the day before, through no fault of their own. It is not intended, nor is it practical, for any more than a few participants to register on the morning of the commencement of the Convention proceedings. Failure to register could result in the delayed commencement of the Convention, or in participants missing out on some of the proceedings.

Also on the day preceding the commencement of Convention proceedings, the National President hosts a reception to welcome all participants. Ideally, the National President’s Reception is timed to begin after the close of Registration, so that all registered Convention participants are able to attend the reception.    

Adherence to timeframes and guidelines by all participants will ensure a Convention that is well-run, orderly and productive.