Bargaining Update - National Bargaining Committee and Negotiator are named

November 6, 2017

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

On Tuesday October 24, the Executive Committee did proceed to the final stage of the creation of the National Bargaining Committee, by appointing the last five (5) members to join the committee, namely;

  • Brian Oldford, Regional Vice-President, Atlantic Region
  • Cosimo Crupi, Regional Vice-President, Northern and Eastern Ontario Region
  • Gary Esslinger, Regional Vice-President, Prairie Region
  • Greg Krokosh, Regional Vice-President, Rocky Mountains Region
  • Eddy Aristil, Regional Vice-President, Montreal Region

In addition to the members mentioned above, the National Bargaining Committee is comprised of the members of the Standing Bargaining Committee. They are:

  • Adam Jackson, 2nd National Vice-President
  • Jamie vanSydenborgh, Regional Vice-President, Southwestern Ontario Region
  • Chris Heywood, Sudbury Tax Center local, Presidents’ Representative for the Tax Centers
  • Michele Neill, Charlottetown local, Presidents’ Representative for the Tax Services Offices

In the coming weeks, the committee will meet in order to establish the priorities of the bargaining demands received from our members, Locals and labor relations officers from the National Office. The committee will then submit the document containing our bargaining demands to the bargaining section of the PSAC. Prior to sharing the final program of demands with all Locals, the committee will provide Locals that submitted demand(s) a brief rationale for any demand(s) from that Local that are not included in the final program of demands.

Once the CRA and PSAC-UTE negotiators are ready to proceed, they will exchange the documents containing the bargaining demands for both parties.

At that time, we will inform you and post all demands on the UTE and PSAC websites.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that the PSAC and the UTE have agreed on who will be in charge of negotiating our next contract.

Brother Morgan Gay will again be our negotiator. He is an experienced negotiator and has an excellent understanding of the work that our members perform every day.  We are very pleased to be able to count on his valuable services and we are looking forward to work with him again.

Please share this message with the membership. Thank you.

In solidarity,

Marc Brière
UTE National President