Bargaining Team Tables Economic Proposals

September 17, 2013

September 2013

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Bargaining Team Tables
Economic Proposals

Our proposals would ensure fair annual increases and appropriate compensation for employees in acting assignments

Our bargaining team met with CRA representatives in Ottawa September 9th through 12th to continue negotiations for a new contract. On Tuesday we tabled our economic proposals.

Our proposals include:

  • Long service pay based on what is contained in the PSAC-Treasury Board SV agreement. This proposal would provide additional, annual compensation for union members based on years of service.

  • Annual wage increases that would ensure that wages keep pace with current private and public sector economic forecasts.

  • Fairer rules concerning compensation when in acting assignments.

  • Removal of a step in both the SP and MG pay grids, providing for employees to reach the job rate more quickly.

  • Increases in shift premium, weekend premium and overtime meal allowance.

We also had discussion this week concerning the fact that certain compensation rules– including some associated with compensation for acting assignments – are contained in CRA policy and not the collective agreement. As with Leave with Income Averaging (LWIA) and other issues, we have taken the position that these should be protected under our collective agreement.

We have made very little progress in bargaining. Yet our team remains committed to negotiations and have reiterated this with CRA. We are in the process of setting additional dates. We’ll be sure to update as things progress. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with your union representative, and go to or to sign up for more updates.

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