Bulletin 27/02

October 15, 2002


Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers


As you may have been aware, a resolution from the CEUDA Executive was to be tabled at their Convention, during the last week of September, granting the authority to enter into talks with the UTE regarding a merger or other options. This resolution was going to the floor with a recommendation of Non-concurrence from the Convention Committee. At our September Executive Council we discussed sending people to the CEUDA convention in order for us to hear first hand the thoughts and ideas of the delegates on this issue. I already had a written invitation to attend as a member of the PSAC National Board of Directors. After discussion, I authorized the 1st National Vice- President, the 2nd National Vice-President and the RVP of the Region where the convention was being held (Greater Toronto), as well as myself to attend. The CEUDA President was notified well in advance and their office booked our hotel rooms.

We arrived on the night before the Convention was to start and to our surprise, everyone was surprised and/or shocked to see us there. We were told that no one had advised their Executive or National Board of Directors that we were coming, even though their Board of Directors had met earlier that week. Representatives from the PSAC, including Nycole Turmel also arrived the same day. The Convention was scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and all day Monday.

We attended, as scheduled, the Saturday morning session and after the opening ceremonies one of the first order of actual business was the President’s Report. Shortly after the report was tabled, Mansel Legacy, former CEUDA National President and Francine Stewart, HQ Branch President, moved and seconded a motion to go “in camera” with only CEUDA members, staff and spouses to remain in the room. This was because the issue of UTE and CEUDA was mentioned in the President’s Report. With next to no debate, the motion was carried. As we prepared to leave the room the Chair noted that it was almost noon so the session was recessed until after lunch. It is interesting to note that at this point the PSAC representatives, including the REVP for Ontario who was running the elections and the National President, Nycole Turmel were included in the exclusion. Over the break it was pointed out that the National President could not be excluded since her authority to attend was in the PSAC Constitution, thus she was allowed to remain in the room for the duration of the Convention.

After the debate was over for the report of the National President we were advised and we returned to the convention hall in the observers section. We were advised that while the convention was “in camera” in the morning a motion was passed that basically said that anytime UTE and CEUDA were mentioned or going to be discussed the convention would automatically go “in camera” which would exclude everyone except CEUDA members, staff and spouses. The very next business was one of the other Officer’s Report and they also mentioned UTE and CEUDA so we were again asked to leave the convention hall. At this point we had attended for approximately 3 hours of the convention. We never returned for the rest of the day since they were “in camera” for the balance of the day. We then made the decision that since we would not have the opportunity to hear what the CEUDA delegates had to say about any possible merger, we were wasting our time and member’s money to be there. All of us attempted to make arrangements to leave the next day after sister Turmel’s address first thing the morning. Everyone was able to get home except the 1st National Vice-President. His earliest arrangements could only be made for the day after. Needless to say, we were not very happy. Particularly, since two CEUDA National Officers attended our convention and were welcomed and acknowledged by the convention, even though we were not advised that they were coming.

In the end, the recommendation of non-concurrence in the resolution regarding merger talks Carried, thus, that is the end of any idea or hope of a merger with CEUDA. I still believe that a merger would have been best for the membership and the organizations of UTE, CEUDA and the PSAC.

As stated in her speech to the President’s Conference in September, Nycole Turmel, PSAC National President met with the newly elected President of CEUDA, Ronny Moran and myself October 4th to discuss the end of the 2 to 1 split, as well as, what to do in the future. The 2 to 1 split ended September 30th at the end of the CEUDA convention. Administratively, that means we have approximately 6 weeks until the records catch up with that date, since the membership records run in a 2 to 3 month time lag. We (UTE, CEUDA and PSAC) have agreed to use the 6 weeks to talk to see if there are any other options open besides merger, since that door is closed. There will be a small committee struck that includes, both National Presidents and both 1st National Vice Presidents, as well as, Steve Jelly from the PSAC President’s office. A meeting has been scheduled for October 28th and the morning of the 29th.

The anomalies of the 2 to 1 split that I reported on a few months ago have been going well. So far, UTE and CEUDA have been able to come to an agreement on the allocations and the committee has not had to meet. Quebec, the Ottawa Technology Centre and several individual cases have just about been rectified. I also advised CEUDA and the PSAC President that I have requested the names of all CEUDA members in Head Office (Tax Directorates), the Sudbury TC and any TSO that has CEUDA members and no CEUDA representative on site. I also reiterated our position that the members in all TSOs should be under the jurisdiction of the UTE.

During the meeting there were a few things that we all agreed on:

  • It makes no sense for two members on the same job description, sitting side by side to belong to two different components of the PSAC.
  • That all TCs except Summerside, CPP/EI Rulings, International Tax etc. come under the jurisdiction of the UTE.
  • That Custom Border Services, Trade Administration, Technical Interpretation Services etc. come under the jurisdiction of CEUDA.

The first bullet will be the most important to guide us during our talks on the 28th.

I will keep you informed of any developments.

In Solidarity,

Betty Bannon

National President