Bulletin 14/02

April 12, 2002


Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers

Re: PM03 Resource Officer/Collections Contact Officer (ROCCO) Job Description in Revenue Collections

By now, you should have received Bulletin 13/2002 dated April 12, 2002 from Sister Linda Cassidy with respect to the above noted subject. Please note that a version of this Bulletin has already been sent via e-mail to a number of our members whose names were provided to Sister Cassidy on a PM-03 ROCCO contact list. This Bulletin should be read in conjunction with Sister Cassidy’s bulletin.

At the outset, please note that nothing in Bulletin 13/2002 should be construed as indicating that the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE) or the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) agrees with the Agency Classification Standard (ACS) in its present form. In fact, while the Agency has implemented the ACS for the Management Group (MG), the standard has yet to be fully developed for the non-MG groups. Additionally, we have yet to see the weights, point ratings and other information pertinent to the ACS for the non-MG groups and we are not yet satisfied that the ACS is in fact a gender neutral standard, amongst other things. You will note that Sister Cassidy suggests in her Bulletin that, in addition to the filing of job description and classification grievances, members “should also be filing grievances related to the ACS Standard and attempting to exert pressure on the employer to classify this new description under the new standard”. The strategy behind the filing of these grievances is not in fact to have the PM-03 ROCCO job descriptions classified against an undeveloped standard, but in fact to pressure the employer to expedite the finalization of this standard. Accordingly, we suggest that the following wording be used for these grievances:

“I grieve the employer’s delays in finalizing and implementing the ACS Standard. I further grieve that my job description continues to be classified by the employer against an outdated, incomprehensive and discriminatory classification standard.”

In the way of corrective action, members should request the following:

“That the employer continue to consult with the UTE and the PSAC on all aspects of the ACS, including, but not limited to, the factors and elements, the weightings, the point ratings by factor, the bands and levels and all other matters related to the implementation of the standard. That the employer give priority to the development and implementation of the ACS Standard and that my job be classified against the ACS Standard immediately after its finalization. That I be provided with further redress and remedy as required to make me whole.”

On a related note, please be advised that in anticipation of a large number of job description grievances against the most recent PM-03 ROCCO job description, the UTE has entered into an agreement with the Agency that these job descriptions would be heard at the first level of the grievance procedure and that the second and third levels of the grievance procedure would be waived, with the grievances then proceeding to the final level. Please note that the grievance files should include a signed document between the local representative and local manager signifying the agreement to waive the second and third levels. Additionally, a properly completed final level grievance transmittal form should accompany the file when it is received in the National Office.

Should you have any questions or required any clarification with respect to this Bulletin, please feel free to contact the undersigned. Questions concerning Bulletin 13/2002 should be directed to Sister Linda Cassidy.

In closing, I request your assistance in ensuring that both of these Bulletins receive wide distribution amongst members of your Local Executive, your stewards and members occupying PM-03 ROCCO positions.

In Solidarity,

D. Shane O’Brien
Labour Relations Officer