Bulletin 04/02

February 6, 2002


Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers

Re: Assignment of new members

I have recently been advised by Nycole Turmel , PSAC National President of the assignment of new members as a result of the PSSRB Decision, December 12, 2001 .

She states “I should like to confirm that the CEUDA/UTE protocol sanctioned by my predecessor (2 to 1) does not apply to the members assigned to the PSAC as a result of the PSSRB decision and that;

  1. Al l CCRA members employed as PGs and PRs will be assigned to UTE.
  2. Al l CCRA members employed as ELs will be assigned to CEUDA.
  3. Al l CCRA members employed as OMs will be assigned to UTE with the following exceptions:
    1. Vera Nolan, OM-3, Customs Branch – HQ
    2. J. Guy Trepanier, OM-4, Customs Branch – Quebec
    3. Man Khanna, OM-j3, Customs Branch – Pacific

    These three exceptions will be assigned to CEUDA.”

Each of the new members were either mailed a new member’s kit or delivered one prior to January 7, 2002 . These kits included a membership card for them to sign and return to the PSAC. These members should eventually show up on the local membership lists.

Although the vast majority of the new members are in the Head Office local I am requesting that all locals check for any of the new members via Human Resources, Organizational Charts etc. before they appear on the membership listing. Follow up with the individuals to see if they returned their membership card or not and replace it if they didn’t get one or misplaced the one that they received.

For information purposes the PGs were with PIPSC, the PRs were with the Printers Council and the OMs were unrepresented. So you may want to spend some time with the OMs explaining the Union .

Your co-operation would be appreciated and I will ask you to report at the March President’s Conference.

In Solidarity,

Betty Bannon
National President