Bulletin 30/02

November 22, 2002


Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers

RE: “Suggested” Terms of Reference for Joint Local WFA Committees

The national UTE WFA Committee met in Ottawa on October 28-29/02. One of our agenda items was to draft terms of reference for local joint WFA Committees. These terms of reference are attached to this bulletin.

The collective agreement in Appendix E Work Force Adjustment states at article 1.1.3 that the employer shall establish a committee where a work force adjustment situation exists.

While these terms of reference are only suggested it is the opinion of the national committee that these can be adopted in most situations. If for some reason a local committee is unable to adopt these terms of reference we ask that the local contact their RVP and copy the chair of the UTE-WFA Committee.

Your national committee is also requesting that copies of local committee minutes be forwarded to the UTE National Office, attention, Pierre Mulvihill.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact a member of the national committee. The members of the committee are:

Name and Position Phone E-Mail
Nick Stein Chair 519-252-0960 steinn@attglobal.net
Marcel Bertrand Council 819-913-9157 bertram@attglobal.net
Dave Shaw TSOs 902-564-3155 Dave.Shaw@ccra-adrc.gc.ca
Margie Hancock TCs 709-687-1470 Margie.Hancock@ccra-adrc.gc.ca
Pierre Mulvihill Staff 613-235-6704 mulvihp@ute-sei.org

In solidarity,

Nick Stein

Chair, UTE WFA Committee



  • All parties agree to undertake actions which are completely transparent and which will promote trust in the systems and processes developed.
  • Actions undertaken by the Committee will comply with existing objectives with regards to official language and employment equity.
  • The Committee will take a proactive role in optimizing the employability of employees impacted by WFA situations.
  • The Committee will take a proactive role in ensuring that the rights of employees are respected and the obligations of managers are fulfilled.


  1. To assist employees who are affected or surplus.
  2. To assist local management and employees in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as outlined in Part 1 of the WFA Appendix.
  3. To promote effective, consistent and equitable treatment of indeterminate employees who are affected by WFA situations.
  4. To consult concerning all matters concerning work force adjustment.
  5. To provide advice, guidance, and recommendations to management in the development of an employment strategy for affected or surplus employees, both within and outside the CCRA.
  6. To monitor the alternation process and assist in the employment of affected or surplus employees.
  7. To monitor actions and activities which may impact on FTE’s or operational/organizational changes to work which may affect the employees.
  8. The Committee shall review all staffing plans in the local area for potential vacancies for possible placement.
  9. To communicate directly with affected/surplus employees.
  10. To maintain a record of business and documents dealt with by the Committee. All Committee members shall receive copies of committee meeting minutes.
  11. To meet on a minimum quarterly basis. Committee members reserve the right to convene meetings at any time.
  12. The Committee will be composed of an equal number of Agency representatives, to be selected by the CCRA management and Alliance representatives, to be selected by the Alliance . Committee members can have technical experts attend meetings and participate to assist the committee.
  13. The Committee shall continue to meet until all affected and /or surplus employees have been placed.
  14. Members of the committee will be released from work with pay to fulfill their committee duties and their expenses associated with committee work will be paid for by CCRA.