Bulletin 22/07

November 29, 2007
TO:  Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents

Re: UTE Grievance Forms

In the spring of 2007, Treasury Board developed revised Grievance and Transmittal Forms.  The PSAC was given the opportunity to comment on these forms, but for the most part, their comments were largely ignored by Treasury Board. Subsequently, these revised forms were adopted by the Canada Revenue Agency and made available for use on the Infozone.

Upon review of these forms, the National Office of the Union of Taxation Employees decided that it would be more appropriate to create our own grievance forms. Article 18.05 of the collective agreement between the parties allows a member to submit a grievance even if it is not submitted on the form supplied by the CRA. Consequently, thanks to the work of the Labour Relations Officers and Susan Duncan, Communications/Web Officer, UTE has finalized its own grievance forms and they are now available for use on our website at the following address:


In Solidarity,

Shane O’Brien
Senior Labour Relations Officer