Bulletin 18/07

October 12, 2007
TO: Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
RE : 

Statement of Duties, Classification and Acting Pay Grievance Process
Consolidation – Introduction of Short Format Work Descriptions

In keeping with the terms outlined in the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), both the Union and the Employer abided by the timeframes and as a result, all submissions have been responded to and copies have been sent to the respective Locals.  In keeping with the commitment made, we will now proceed to the next step for those Short Format Work Descriptions that we were not able to reach resolution on during the informal process. 

During the informal process, work descriptions were divided into three groups: 

  1. Work descriptions that the employer either changed the content and/or issued an adequate explanation and thus, the Union agreed to sign off on those descriptions and indicated we would not be supportive of any grievances being filed. (Appendix A)

  2. Work descriptions that the employer did not address the comments or that the union did not accept the employer’s explanation and was thus advised that UTE would grieve (Appendix B); and finally

  3. Work descriptions for which we agreed to provide additional time for the incumbents to   review the comments and to contact the union if something needed to be pursued further, even though the explanation from the employer may have seemed adequate. (Appendix C)

For the work descriptions listed in Appendix B, the union has solicited a name from one of the submitting locals and once the formal paperwork has been filed, a list of the grievors will be sent to each local and as information becomes available, the Locals will be kept informed. 

As outlined in the MOU, the following process was agreed to:

Grievance Process

Should statement of duties grievances be filed, the parties agree that:

  • UTE will present an individual grievance relating to the statement of duties of a particular work description directly at the final level. The grievance will be submitted with the name of one individual on behalf of all individual incumbents of a particular work description. The grievance will be deemed to have been presented on behalf of all incumbents of that particular work description and any remedies shall be granted by the CRA as if the individual incumbents of each job had filed an individual grievance at consolidation.

  • The grievance will be transmitted at the final level, forwarded to the Assistant Director, Redress Section, Corporate Organization and Classification Division (COCD), who in turn will forward it to the appropriate functional authority.

  • At the end of the grievance-filing period, UTE will have 90 calendar days to make final level representation for all statement of duties grievances.

  • Following the final level representation, CRA will have 90 calendar days to respond to the statement of duties grievances.

For the work descriptions listed in Appendix C, if the member has provided a persuasive argument that the employer’s explanation does not address the concerns raised or they have been able to demonstrate additional responsibilities, then a grievance may be pursued and the subsequent information again will be forwarded to the Locals.  The same process as outlined for Appendix B work descriptions will be followed.

Pursuant to the MOU, the time frames for filing formal grievances will be extended to commence on October 1, 2007 and end on November 6, 2007 in order to allow the parties to review employee concerns and to consult meaningfully with respect to these concerns. 

Once again, we thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.  However, should you have any questions or require any clarification, please feel free to contact Linda Cassidy or Kent MacDonald at (613) 235-6704.

In Solidarity,

Linda Cassidy,
Labour Relations Officer.



(Jobs that cannot be grieved – Postes pour lesquels il ne peut être présenté de grief)

AS0006 CR4017 PM0730
AS0049 CR4018 PM0843
AS0112 CR4019 PM0938
AS0332 CR4024 PM4006
AS0334 CR4025 PM4007
AS0335 CR4029 PM4008
AS0569 CR4031 PM4013
AS0796 CR4034 PM4014
AS0937 CR6398 PM4022
AS1060 CRZ400 PM4026
AS4000 GS0003 PM4027
AS4008 GS0005 PM4029
AS4029 GS4000 PM4032
CR0905 IS4003 PM4033
CR4005 IS4004 PM4034
CR4009 PM0089 PM4035
CR4010 PM0141 PM4039
CR4012 PM0180 PM4042
CR4014 PM0332 PM4130


(Jobs that will be grieved – Postes qui feront l’objet d’un grief)



(Jobs that may be grieved –  Postes pour lesquels il peut être présenté un grief)