Bulletin 17/04

November 12, 2004
TO: : Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers

RE: Employment Equity Act – Section 15
Consultation and collaboration with employee representatives

At our 2002 Convention, a resolution (325) was adopted requesting that the PSAC submit a request to the Canadian Human Rights Commission for an interpretation of section 15 of the Employment Equity Act.

According to section 15 of the legislation, the employer is to invite the bargaining agents to provide their views on the development, implementation and revision of the employer’s employment equity plan, and on the assistance they could provide with respect to communication and implementation of employment equity. It was our position that since Employment Equity
plans are prepared at the regional level and sometimes at the local level, this is where the consultation should take place. This does not preclude consultation at the national level.

Following numerous correspondence between PSAC, UTE and the CHRC since September 2002, we have now received an official response from the Commission which supports our position. A copy is attached.

Our committee, through presentations at the Equal Opportunities conferences and at the Presidents’ conferences had strongly encouraged locals and regions to exercise their rights under the legislation. We have seen serious improvements in the last two years.

In Solidarity,

Linda Cassidy
Equal Opportunities Committee