Bulletin 16/08

October 23, 2008
To : Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
All Staff

Re:  UTE Triennial Convention 2011

The Executive Council will be considering the location for the next Triennial Convention.  In order to allow locals the opportunity to make their desire to host the event known we have outlined hotel requirements, such as guest rooms and meeting space that are needed by the UTE.  We have not commented on the hours and hours of volunteer time and effort required to host this event. 

The following are minimum Hotel and area requirements for UTE’s 2011 convention.

(1) Approximately three hundred and fifty (350) guest rooms for five nights.
(2) Six (6) to ten (10) suites for five nights (for hospitality rooms etc.).
(3) Office space needed for 24 hours per day, for approximately ten (10) days.
(4) Meeting room large enough for a set up for twenty (20) in a hollow square plus translation booth six days 24 hour period.
(5) Room big enough to host wine and cheese party of approximately 400 people.
(6) Banquet room large enough to host supper and dance for approximately 400 people. (large round tables of 10 or smaller tables of 8). This room may be part of the main plenary room but must not entail the complete tear down of the Plenary.
(7) Meeting space set up classroom style for four hundred (400), a head table of two (2) double rows of ten (10), speaker’s podium and a desk top podium, six (6) floor mikes and room for a translation booth.  This is needed for five days 24 hours a day.
(8) An area or room big enough to hold the UTE Store that can be locked at night, is easily accessible to the plenary room and may be used 24 hours a day.
(9) Restaurants or coffee shops in close proximity to feed four hundred (400) people within an hour and half at lunchtime.
(10) The Hotel must be sufficiently accessible for our members with special needs.
(11) The Hotel must be able to provide service in both Official Languages (Front Desk, Room Service, Customer Care, Restaurant and/or Bar etc)

Please note that while the Host Committee will be provided with a budget for this purpose, not all time expended by Host Committee members will be compensated by UTE.  It is customary that committee members will give freely of their time or alternatively, arrangements may be made between the committee members and the submitting local.

If your local is interested in hosting the 2011 convention please indicate your intentions either in writing or through your Regional Vice President by the December 2008 Executive Council meeting.  All submissions will be reviewed and a final decision by the Executive Council will be made.

In Solidarity,

Betty Bannon
National President