Bulletin 15/07

August 14, 2007
To : Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officer

Re:  Vote Results on Bill C-257 – Anti-Scab Legislation

The UTE Political Action Committee was requested to inform all locals of the results of the vote on Bill C-257, the anti-scab legislation.

You will note on the attached that we have identified your local's primary and secondary contacts as well as other Liberals and Conservatives who voted YES on 2nd reading and NO on 3rd reading. All Bloc and NDP MPs supported the Bill on all readings.

Even though this was defeated, another Bill was introduced the next day by the Liberals, Bill C-415. At this point PAC in monitoring the progress of C-415 and will advise locals of any requests for additional lobbying.

In Solidarity,

Nick Stein
Committee Chair