Bulletin 13/06

October 6, 2006
To : Members
Executive Council
Alternate RVP’s
Local Presidents

Re:  International Children’s Awareness Canada


During the recent September 2006 Executive Council meeting, recommendations from the Executive Committee were presented and adopted unanimously by the Council.  The recommendations are as follows:

  • That the Union of Taxation Employees each year sponsor a student to accompany Captain Smith of the International Children’s Awareness (ICA) and his team to Africa to assist in the job of bringing fresh water to the villages of Africa. The funding for this has been estimated at $5000.00.  The trip is usually in February. 

  • That we also subsidize a member in good standing of the Union of Taxation Employees with $2500.00 to also go to Africa and assist in this work. 

  • That we develop a joint promotional item(s) with ICA with a portion of the sales going to ICA. 

  • That UTE make an annual donation to ICA of $500.00, and encourage our members to use the United Way to direct some or all of their personal donations to the ICA.

To cover the funds that the Union of Taxation would be using for the above initiatives, we have created a new line item in the budget of $10,000 called “The ICA International Fund”.

I would like to now give you some guidelines and requirements for the sponsoring of the student and the subsidizing of a member.

Both the student and the member must be at least 18 years of age or older and have an up to date Passport.  They must receive all of the required inoculations prior to leaving for Africa and will be required to sign a waiver with the Union of Taxation Employees, exempting the Union of any liability for accidents or injuries that may occur. There may also be certain paperwork that is required by ICA.

All applications must be sent to the Honours and Awards Committee by November 30th of each year, along with an essay of why you would like to be a part of Captain Smith’s ICA team to Africa and the International Children’s Awareness projects. 

For 2006, the applications should be sent by e-mail to duncans@ute-sei.org  by fax to 613-234-7290 or by mail at UTE National Office, Honours and Awards Committee, 233 Gilmour Street, Suite 800, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0P2.

For further information on what activities you would be involved with on the project, you can email Captain Smith at  Smith.erc@forces.gc.ca.

In Solidarity,

Terry D. Dupuis
Honours and Awards Committee