Bulletin 10/09

August 19, 2009

Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
UTE Staff

Re:  Minutes of the UTE Political Action Committee Meeting – June 1-3, 2009

Participants Nick Stein, Chair
Cosimo Crupi, Co-Chair
Brad Feraday, Presidents’ Representative
Guest Betty Bannon, UTE National President

The Committee reviewed the submissions from Locals in regards to Convention Resolution 312 and made the following recommendations to the June 2009 meeting of Executive Council:

Recommendation #1 - The UTE will “NOT” endorse a political party or individual candidates in a federal election.

Recommendation #2 - The UTE PAC will develop a communiqué outlining issues of importance to the members in regards to the next federal election.

Recommendation #3 - The UTE will develop a workplace action plan for all Locals in regards to Bill C-10. It is intended that this plan will take place on November 2, 2009 after receiving input from Executive Council and the Locals.

The Committee prepared a list of issues in anticipation of the next federal election. These issues will be sent to all Locals once the election is called. As well, the Committee passed on these issues to Sister Bannon for her to contact all Federal Political Party Leaders and seek their position on these issues.
The Committee discussed possible workplace actions in respect to the passing of  Bill C-10 and decided to seek input from Executive Council and the Locals before formulating any plan(s).

The Committee met with 2 NDP MPs & Brother Feraday has a meeting scheduled with the Liberal Labour Critic.

Respectfully submitted,
Nick Stein – Committee Chair