Bulletin 10/06

July 13, 2006

Executive Council

Alternate RVPs

Local Presidents


Re: Harmonization of Audit Ranges

Several meetings have been held between representatives of the Union of Taxation
Employees (UTE) and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) concerning the above noted
employer initiative, the last meeting being held on July 4, 2006.  During
these meetings, UTE discussed at length with the employer the concerns raised
by our PM02’s and PM03’s in Audit.  Despite our protestations,
the Agency intends to proceed with this initiative.

During the last meeting on July 4th, the Agency representatives made it abundantly
clear that they did not see any entitlement to acting pay for our PM02 members
and furthermore, they saw no classification issues between the PM02 and PM03
positions.  Additionally, even though they advised that 136 new PM03 positions
would be created and that over time, 142 PM02 positions would not be needed,
they would not be staffing the new PM03 positions at this time.  Relatedly,
they did not see the potential loss of the 142 PM02 positions as a workforce
adjustment situation.

We requested and subsequently received the classification rationale for the
PM02 and PM03 positions in question.  In reviewing these rationales, we
noted that the point ratings were identical for both positions with respect
to Knowledge (191 points), Operational Responsibility (010 points) and Contacts
(070 points).  The only point difference noted was with respect to Decision
Making where the PM02 job was awarded 114 points, while the PM03 job was awarded
159 points.

The rationale for the PM03 states that Decision Making “appears to be
overrated at Degree C since its duties and responsibilities are not significantly
different than those of PM0140 rated at Degree B, based on a comparison of
the work descriptions.”  The rationale goes on to say that “additional
information… was therefore sought from management; however, an analysis
of this confirmed that a rating of Degree B is more appropriate.” 

The position retained the point rating of Degree C (159 points) based on this
commentary in the rationale:

“…the current rating of Degree C is being maintained at this
time since [the position] was previously evaluated by a classification grievance
committee and the members may have heard arguments during the Union presentation
to substantiate that rating.”

Many PM02 members have expressed an interest in filing job description, acting
pay and classification grievances as they believe there is an entitlement to
acting pay or that their job should be reclassified.  Based on the classification
rationale, it appears that the employer has set this up so that acting pay
and classification grievances from PM02’s may likely be unsuccessful.  Furthermore,
the employer is intimating that the filing of these grievances may in fact
have the potential to adversely affect the classification of the PM03.  We
will discuss this matter with the PSAC’s Classification and Equal Pay
section to determine our strategy with respect to this matter and will communicate
further with you.

In the interim, should you have any further questions, please feel free to
contact me or Brother Shane O’Brien in the National Office.

In solidarity,


Linda Cassidy


Staffing Committee