UTE Policy on Flying Air Carriers


TO:      Executive Council
           Alternate Vice-Presidents
           Local Presidents

RE:            UTE Policy on Flying Air Carriers

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The following resolution was passed at the June 2012 Executive Council meeting:

Whereas the airports in our communities employ good unionized jobs; and

Whereas our Union has been promoting spending our own money in our local communities.

Be it resolved that the current UTE policy on flying unionized air carriers be amended to include where a community is not serviced by a unionized air carrier that members flying on union business be allowed to request that the non-unionized carrier be used.
The determination to allow will rest with the National President.

Therefore, from this point on, members who travel on union business using airports that are not serviced by unionized air carriers may request prior approval from the National President to fly a non-unionized air carrier. 

In Solidarity,

Robert Campbell signature

Bob Campbell
National President