Bulletin 09/05

May 10, 2005


All Members

Alternate RVPs & Staff

Re: CRA Classification Reform/Agency Classification Standard (ACS)-SP

By now you should have read the Message from the Commissioner announcing that
the CRA is going to move forward with ACS with an anticipated implementation
date of the new SP Classification of April 2006. We have fought for this change
for a very long time and are pleased to see the Agency moving on this issue.

Although the standard is not negotiable the CRA has committed to include your
Union, the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE), in consultation in the finalizing
of the standard that will be used for the ACS-SP Classification. Two of the
members of our National Staffing Committee, Kent MacDonald (Chair) and Linda
Cassidy (member), are ready to meet with the CRA officials to commence this
work. Your Bargaining Agent (PSAC) is also ready to supply a Classification
Officer to assist in this initiative.

Once the ACS-SP Standard has been finalized we will move on to the implementation
phase and this part is negotiable and will entail re-opening of the Collective
Agreement to negotiate the rates of pay. The CRA has indicated that they are
ready to re-open the Agreement but only for the rates of pay of the ACS-SP
Classification. The Bargaining Agent (PSAC) has also agreed to the re-opener
for this purpose.

We have yet to meet with the CRA to commence this work so there is little
else to advise you at this time. Over the course of our consultations we will
keep you informed of the progress. You can receive updates from your local
executive, our website, bulletins or by “subscribing” to news lists
on our website, which will give you direct e-mails on this and other issues
to your personal e-mail address.

In Solidarity,


Betty Bannon

National President, UTE