Employment Equity Governance Model


To :   Executive Council
         Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
         Local Presidents
         UTE Staff

Re:      Employment Equity Governance Model

Sisters, Brothers,

As you may be aware, the CRA has recently adopted a new Employment Equity Governance Model that will replace the previous employment equity structure.

An electronic example of the new Model is attached to this Bulletin.

As of this writing, the former National Advisory Committees (NACs) have been replaced by the National Equity and Diversity Committee.

Terms of Reference for the Committee have been adopted and are attached to this Bulletin.

The reporting relationship with its contact list will be available on Infozone.

Currently, the CRA has informed the UTE that the Model will not be fully implemented.

No implementation date has been announced.

As of this writing, the status quo remains in effect except for the new Committee.

We will keep you apprised of further developments as they arise.


In Solidarity,
Robin Johnson's signature
Robin Johnson
Chairperson, Equal Opportunities Committee