Bulletin 08/11

October 5, 2011

Executive Council
Alternate Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents

Re: Notes for speakers – Bargaining 2012

Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers:

At the Presidents’ Conference, we informed you that the UTE Standing Bargaining Committee met on September 7 and 8, 2011.  At that meeting, the Committee prepared a briefing document on facts pertaining to collective bargaining.  You will find enclosed the said document.

This information can be presented at annual general meetings (AGMs) and other union activities for educating members about the bargaining context.

Communication is important, and the message has to be as similar as possible.  As such, we encourage you to use this document as a quick reference for educating our members about the various topics that can impact the outcome of the bargaining process.  We need to develop solidarity among all the members, and to achieve that, we have to start getting prepared now and not downplay the importance of the topics in this document.

A well-informed member is a member who is capable of making a decision.

In Solidarity

Denis Lalancette's signature
Denis Lalancette,
Chairperson, UTE Standing Bargaining Committee