Bulletin 08/04

March 16, 2004
TO: : Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers

RE : Rejections During Probation

Questions have been recently raised by some locals as to the proper form of recourse with respect to rejections during probation. The Agency has adopted the position that probation is an element of the staffing regime and that consequently, recourse against rejections during probation flows from their staffing recourse. As a result, the normal form of recourse is Individual Feedback, followed by Decision Review. For greater certainty, these matters are not subject to Independent Third Party Review.

Having said that, the Union of Taxation Employees believes that rejections during probation may also be grieved if elements of disguised disciplinary discharge and bad faith may be demonstrated. Therefore, we strongly suggest that both a grievance be filed and that members avail of the staffing recourse open to them by the Agency.

Should you require any further clarification on this matter, please feel free to contact the undersigned. The Labour Relation Officer responsible for your region is also available to provide you with advice and assistance on this matter.

In Solidarity,

D. Shane O’Brien
Labour Relations Officer