Bulletin 07/09

June 15, 2009
TO:  Executive Council
Alternated Regional Vice Presidents
All Staff

RE:  Review of the Directives of the PSAC Dental Plan

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We received a memo from Brother Gordon of the PSAC notifying us that the review of the directive of the PSAC dental plan will start this fall and to send him change proposals no later than September 03.

As such, we are hereby asking for your change proposals for this directive. Please send them to the national office, attention Sister Nicole St-Aubin, no later than August 24, 2009.

You will have to submit your proposals to us by filling out the UTE ongoing demand collection process form available on our web site. You must clearly indicate that this proposal is for the dental plan and they will also have to be authorized by the local.

These demands will be grouped and will be sent to the office of the PSAC President like official UTE demands.

Respectfully submitted,

Denis Lalancette
2nd National Vice-President - Bargaining