Bulletin 07/06

May 4, 2006
TO:   Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents

RE: Guidelines for Developing Terms of Reference for Local and Regional Employment Equity/Diversity Committees

These guidelines were sent to all the locals in Bulletin 10, 2002 and are available on our Website under “Equal Opportunities Committee – Reports”. This document prepared by the UTE Equal Opportunities committee was a recommendation only as there is no legal requirement for the Employer to put in place such committees.  It was to help our local activists to convince local management that such a committee could have an important role and various responsibilities.

It is our position that if in your local workplace, the employer develops and implements a local Employment Equity Action Plan, their should be consultation and collaboration with the bargaining agent and the most effective way would be to have in place a local Employment Equity/Diversity committee.

In 2004, we received from the Canadian Human Rights Commission, clarification on section 15 of the Employment Equity Act concerning the level at which consultation must take place with union representatives.   Rhys Phillips, officer with the CHRC states in his response:

Where a plan involves national plans incorporating regional or sub plans we would expect the bargaining agents to be consulted on all levels of the plan”.

Attached are a copy of the Guidelines and a copy of the letter from the Canadian Human Rights Commission on the interpretation of section 15 of the Employment Equity Act.

In Solidarity,

Shawn Bergeron
Equal Opportunities Committee