Bulletin 07/03

March 28, 2003


Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers


Attached is the formal “Input Call” for demands that was issued by the PSAC, including the Program of Demands. Please read the attached thoroughly. The deadline for demands to the National UTE Office is May 9th, 2003.

I would suggest that you invite input from the general membership in your local through distribution or announcement of the “Input Call” and either hold meetings, form a bargaining committee or any other means of collecting and organizing the demands from your local.

Some important points are:

  • The “Program of Demands” should be used as a base. There is no need to duplicate anything that is already in the “Program of Demands”.
  • You must use the form provided. Only one demand or proposal per form. You may use the form in electronic format using “Word” or legible hard copy. We have included an electronic version for you in our e-mail.
  • Make sure you provide rationale for each demand.
  • The maximum number of demands from your local should be 25.

Once all demands are received in the National Office the Standing Bargaining Committee will be organizing them and then the National Bargaining Committee will meet to discuss and prioritize the demands and elect the Negotiating Team members.

In Solidarity,

Denis Lalancette
2nd National Vice President
Responsible for Collective Bargaining