Bulletin 06/05

March 1, 2005


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Michel Dorais

Dan Tucker

RE: PSSRB Shneidman Decision - IAD Audits and Union Representation

Attached you will
find the Shneidman Decision
of the PSSRB dated September
9, 2004. This is an important decision for us as it confirms that IAD (Internal
Affairs Division) investigations are discipline in nature and not administrative,
as the CRA has professed and that the Union may represent members during
these discipline investigations.

It is our position, that the members may have a Union representative for all
IAD investigations. It is our job to represent
and I quote the Adjudication Officer in the Shneidman case “A union representative
cannot answer questions in the place of an employee but a represented employee
may consult with a representative when she is being interviewed. A representative
can also ensure that questions are clear and unambiguous, and that an employee
understands what is being asked. A union representative’s role is to
ensure that interviews are conducted with due process.”

Please conduct yourself accordingly for all future IAD investigations and
never buy into the fact that the investigator may tell you that you may only “observe”.

In Solidarity,


Betty Bannon

National President