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Re:      I speak a third language

I speak a third language, should I volunteer do so at work to service Canadians on behalf of the CRA?

Right now the two official languages recognized by the employer are French and English.

Members who occupy a bilingual position are compensated with a bilingual bonus, all be it a small one. If we are to make any headway at the bargaining table to have other languages recognized and compensated, our members will have to stop volunteering to do it for free. Why should the employer pay for this skill when the members are providing it for free? This is certainly the question that I’m sure the employer asks itself.

If you have your name on a local third language directory, ask to have it removed and if you have the ability to speak a third language then don’t volunteer to do so without being compensated for your skill.

The answer to the question is a resounding “ NO ”.

In Solidarity,

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Bob Campbell
National President