Bulletin 05/11

May 26, 2011

Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents

Re : Official Languages Monitors (CRA Secret Shoppers)

The Union of Taxation Employees’ National Office has learned that the Employer is recruiting volunteers to act as Official Languages monitors.

These monitors will be tasked with verifying that front-line employees are providing service to the public equally in their official language of choice.

This is to advise all members that the UTE is opposed to members volunteering as monitors.  Primarily your statement of duties does not include the functions of an Official Languages monitor, but more importantly, spying on your co-workers is totally unacceptable.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Union of Taxation Employees does not oppose the right of taxpayers to receive services in the Official Language of their choice or for members to work in the Official Language of their choice.

Should you have any questions concerning the above, please contact Labour Relations Officer, Pierre Mulvihill.

In Solidarity,

Betty Bannon
National President