Bulletin 05/09

April 29, 2009
To :

Executive Council
Alternate RVPs
Local Presidents
Office Staff

RE: Proposed Schedule – Next Bargaining Process

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

At the last Presidents’ Conference, the Standing Bargaining Committee conducted a brief update of work completed at its March meeting (for more details, see the committee report). As agreed, I am forwarding you a copy of the proposed schedule for the next bargaining process.

However, I would remind you that the dates on this schedule are tentative and subject to change. The only dates not subject to change are the official bargaining start date as prescribed by the Public Service Staff Relations Act, and the expiry date of our current collective agreement.

I will take this occasion to remind you to continue talking to, informing and canvassing members about the next bargaining process and the impact Bill C-10 will have on it. Do not forget the ongoing demand collection process, which allows members to play an active part in the bargaining process.

Respectfully submitted,

Denis Lalancette
2nd National Vice-President - Bargaining