“Human Resources (HR) To Go Shops”


TO:  Executive Council
        Alternate Regional Vice Presidents

RE: “Human Resources (HR) To Go Shops”

Dear Sisters/Brothers,

For some time now, the National Office of the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE) has been hearing references from various Canada Revenue Agency representatives about “HR To Go Shops” being established in some offices. It appears that these “Shops” are being staffed by UTE members at their substantive levels and under their current work descriptions, but they are being assigned Human Resource functions and responsibilities. As a result, our office is attempting to identify the facts surrounding this matter.

If the information that we have garnered to date is accurate, there may be issues affecting our members, including but not limited to the accuracy of work descriptions, acting pay and classification. As a result, we ask that all Locals provide the undersigned at your earliest convenience with the following information:

  • Do these “HR To Go Shops” exist in your office?
  • Are UTE members being assigned HR functions and responsibilities?
  • If yes, under what work description are these members working?
  • What specific duties and responsibilities have these members been assigned?
  • Are they receiving acting pay?
  • How were these positions staffed or how were these employees selected?

We ask that you give your immediate attention to this matter and we ask that each Local respond even if these “Shops” do not exist in your office. We thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

In Solidarity,


D. Shane O’Brien
Senior Labour Relations Officer