Improper Use of Numeric Targets (Quotas) In Performance Assessments


TO:   Executive Council
         Alternate Vice-Presidents
         Local Presidents

RE:    Improper Use of Numeric Targets (Quotas) In Performance Assessments

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

For many years now, the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE) has been receiving complaints from our members across the country about local managers improperly using numeric targets (quotas) in performance assessments for employees. As these issues were brought to the attention of the UTE National Office, they were consistently discussed with senior management representatives of the Canada Revenue Agency  (and the former Revenue Canada) who in turn confirmed our understanding  that ” quotas or other numeric targets are not to be used in performance agreements”.

In fact, the last time that this was officially raised with senior officials of the CRA, the employer responded as follows. (Portions of the response have not been reproduced in order to protect identities and locations.)

« Further to our last NUMC, this will bring you up to date on the actions we have taken to ensure that quotas or other numeric targets are not used in performance agreements for areas such as Revenue Collections.  Based on the documents provided by the UTE, I discussed the problem with all of the Regional Assistant Commissioners.  None of them were aware of the practice and all were concerned.  They all undertook to bring the matter up with their own management teams. 

 Since the idea of establishing quotas for collectors is contrary to a longstanding policy of CCRA, I would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention.  As you know, in an organization of this size, sometimes individuals get a little overzealous in trying to provide clarification or clear directions without understanding the broader implications.  If you happen to hear of another situation such as this, please let us know as soon as possible. »

Due to the resurgence of this issue, UTE will once again raise this issue with senior management representatives of the CRA during our scheduled June 2013 National Union Management Consultation Committee meeting and we will communicate to you the results of our discussions. In the interim, we suggest that where employees have been provided with performance assessments containing quotas and/or other numeric targets, they immediately contact a local union representative in order to file a grievance concerning the matter.

Should you require any assistance in this matter, please feel free to contact your Labour Relations Officer.

In Solidarity,

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Bob Campbell
National President