Participation in the Selection Process


To :     Executive Council
            Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
            Local Presidents
            All Staff

Re:      Participation in the Selection Process

A resolution was passed by the UTE Presidents’ Conference and the National Executive Council:

Be it resolved that the UTE Executive Council compose a directive to its members advising them that they refrain from participating on selection boards, unless it is part of their Job Description duties.”

Thus, we requested that members not volunteer or agree to sit on selection boards unless they are required to do so as part of their job.  We continue to receive queries regarding this directive.

While we (UTE) understand the reasons members would want to experience such board roles, be it career aspirations, competencies, self-learning, or to see the other side, UTE cannot support its members’ involvement unless the participation is within their job description.

As a result, we have not changed our position and maintain that members should work within their job descriptions. Local Executive and Stewards shall not sit as Board members. Work done outside of job descriptions and specifically the staffing regime, may not be protected by the Collective Agreement, and those not selected for positions/promotions, may seek recourse.

In Solidarity,
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Bob Campbell
National President