Bulletin 03/13

March 15, 2013

To :  Executive Council
        Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
        Local Presidents

RE:   Unauthorized Accesses and Protection of CRA Assets and Information

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
UTE has been advising its members for more than 10 years now on the seriousness of unauthorized accesses and the importance of the protection and safeguarding of taxpayer information. Nevertheless, incidents and disciplinary measures initiated against our members for these violations have increased. Moreover, the CRA has placed a renewed focus on integrity, and it is strengthening its security control measures to protect taxpayer and other confidential Agency information. The CRA very recently revised its discipline grid to reflect an increased level of discipline for these infractions, and as a result employees appear to be subject to greater scrutiny.

The CRA Code of Ethics clearly articulates what constitutes an unauthorized access, as well as what is expected of its employees in order to protect taxpayer information and safeguard CRA assets. In today’s society, there is a pronounced use of social media as a communication and networking tool. CRA employees must be especially vigilant in what they post and broadcast on these networks, in light of the CRA Code of Ethics. Both the CRA and the UTE have placed a strong emphasis over the years on educating members on the seriousness of these matters, as well as the extent to which disciplinary actions for violations can be imposed.  Even inadvertent, or seemingly innocent infractions, carry a disciplinary risk.

Violations of this nature can result in disciplinary actions ranging from an oral reprimand to dismissal. We are seeing more and more cases of discipline imposed on our members for such violations, especially now with the Agency’s renewed focus on the protection of confidential information and CRA assets, and the concurrent changes to the CRA’s discipline grid. Violations to the CRA’s Code of Ethics could mean your job. We strongly suggest that you review the employer’s policies with respect to all of these matters and speak with your manager and/or local union representative should you require clarification or have any questions.

I ask that this Bulletin receive the widest circulation among the membership.

In Solidarity,
Robert Campbell signature
Robert Campbell
National President UTE