Bulletin 03/08

February 6, 2008
To : Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice Presidents
Local Presidents
UTE Staff

Re:  Council / Presidents’ Conference / Call Centre Meeting

The following dates have been scheduled for the above noted meetings.  However, this Bulletin will deal mainly with the Call Centre meeting details:


Arrive Monday, March 31
Meet Tuesday, April 1, Wednesday, April 2 and Monday, April 7 until noon
Depart Monday, April 7

Presidents Conference:

Arrive Wednesday, April 2
Regional Caucus, Thursday, April 3 AM
Meet Thursday, April 3 PM, Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5
Depart Sunday, April 6 unless staying for the Call Centre meeting

Call Centre Meeting:

Arrive Saturday, April 5 (this is the person who works in the Call Centre)
Meet Sunday, April 6
Depart Monday, April 7

The following resolution was passed in September 2007 by the Executive Council:


m/s  T. Dupuis/B. Campbell

Whereas the increased use of Call Centres by the CRA is causing a number of concerns and issues within the Locals.

Be it Resolved that UTE organize a meeting to discuss Call Centre in general and Call Centers issues; and

Be it Resolved that this meeting be held no later than April 2008; and

Be it Further Resolved that the following list of participants be fully funded:

  • Executive Council Members;
  • UTE Presidents Representatives from the Staffing Committee;
  • 2 members from each local that represent members from Call Centers:
  • one being the Local President or Delegate; and
  • a Local Executive or Local Steward or Member who works in the Call Centers.


After reviewing the definition of a Call Centre, consulting with the CRA as to what they consider a Call Centre and making a determination regarding the National Forms Centre in Winnipeg, the following local Presidents or their delegated alternate should be prepared to attend the Call Centre meeting:

St John’s TSO Saint John Montreal
ITSO Ottawa TC (Compensation) Hamilton
Toronto Centre Toronto North Winnipeg CCSC
Winnipeg TC (Forms) Calgary Edmonton

You are also requested to provide a name of a Local Executive, Steward or Member who works in the Call Centre who will also be in attendance.  In order to ensure rooms are booked the deadline for all names and travel dates of individuals attending the Call Centre meeting is March 1, 2008.  Please provide them to Pierrette Labrie via e-mail at labriep@ute-sei.org .

Shortly a questionnaire will be posted on our website and sent to the locals for the members of the Call Centre to complete.  We will send a few hard copies of the questionnaire to the locals.  However, we will provide enough flyers for all Call Centre members that will advise them to complete the questionnaire on-line.  If that is not possible then they may use a hard copy that is supplied to the local.  All hard copy questionnaires should be received back in the National Office by March 7, 2008.  The deadline for completing the questionnaire on-line will also be March 7, 2008.  The answers to the questionnaire will help us develop the agenda for the meeting.

In Solidarity,

Betty Bannon
National President