Bulletin 03/07

February 1, 2007
To : Executive Council
Alternate RVPs
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers

Re: Short Format Work Descriptions

The UTE National Office has received a number of queries from locals and members regarding the new Short Format Work Descriptions (SFWD).  We have also received enquiries about the classification and the point ratings associated with the new SP Standard.

Please find attached, for your information and for the information of your ACS-SP contact(s), a copy of the Power Point presentation that was created by the CRA to explain the SP process to the MG’s.  We believe that this document will assist you in explaining to your members about the SFWD and the SP Standard. You will note that the information contained in this document clearly indicates that although the activities of a position are now written in a new short format, they are still classified under the current legacy standards (old Treasury Board Standards).

The CRA has confirmed that they are not proceeding with the conversion process to the new SP Standard until such time as bargaining commences and the rates of pay concerning the ACS-SP have been agreed upon by the parties.  The SFWD exercise is an attempt to capture the job content information in the new format and to familiarize the members with the new format and the elements that would be relevant in a new classification standard.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that your members are aware that the point ratings included on the new format should be the same as the point ratings on the former version of their work description. For greater certainty, the point ratings are not yet available for the ACS-SP and have not been applied on the SFWD.  In the event of a discrepancy on the point ratings, we request your assistance in submitting the applicable work description number to Linda Cassidy at the National Office.

In addition, there appears to be some confusion over the wording contained in the cover page of the new SFWD as it relates to the grievance timelines.  The wording is the standard wording used by the employer on all work descriptions and this wording is superseded by the Memorandum of Agreement signed by the Employer and the Union. 

Pursuant to the MOU, the time frames for filing formal grievances will be extended to commence on October 1, 2007 and end on November 6, 2007 in order to allow the parties to review employee concerns and to consult meaningfully with respect to these concerns. 

Once again, we thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.  However, should you have any questions or require any clarification, please feel free to contact Linda Cassidy at (613) 235-6704 or Kent MacDonald at (807) 625-7009 until Feb 9th, 2007.

In Solidarity,

Linda Cassidy,
Labour Relations Officer.