Bulletin 03/04

January 30, 2004
TO: : Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officer

RE: MG Grievance Handling – Update - Filing of Grievances - Combined Work Descriptions

In the first bulletin that was sent to you on January 23, 2004, we were unaware that the employer would issue work descriptions combining tasks from other work descriptions. Because the group has changed in most cases, the result is a new work description. Therefore, members receiving these work descriptions and who are dissatisfied must file new classification and work descriptions grievances and provide us with the documents and arguments required to present the case.

At this point, the employer has informed us that the following groups have been combined:

MG-0061 with MG-0062
MG-0063 with MG-0064, MG-0065, MG-0066, MG-0067, MG-0069, MG-0074

Even though the group has not changed for MG-0061 and MG-0063, it is recommended that you file new grievances (work description, classification) in order to protect the time limits.

With a few exceptions, like MG-0061 and MG-0063 (other groups might be in the same situation), members receiving a work description whose group has not changed, MG-0018 and MG-0075, etc., for example, do not have to file grievances, and the procedure in bulletin 02/04 is to be used.

As soon as we get notice from the Employer, we will inform you of the combined groups. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

In Solidarity,

Lyson Paquette, B.B.A.
Labour Relations Officer