Bulletin 03/03

February 14, 2003


Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers


Several Union representatives have been asked for clarification on the interpretation and application of term employee pay increments by the employer. The employer has issued a number of bulletins to try and clarify the answers to those enquiries. (Example: Compensation Bulletin, Collective Bargaining 2003-1, January 22, 2003 )

We cannot answer all questions by providing explicit examples. However, we are not in agreement with all the interpretations and examples provided in the employer’s bulletins. The major disagreements are with the time worked at CCRA used in calculating the pay increment, as well as the determination of pay increments used in applying this new clause of the Collective Agreement.

When asked to provide an interpretation, please refer to the section PAY NOTES of the Collective Agreement, after Appendix “A” ANNUAL RATES OF PAY for each occupational group. Refer to the PAY INCREMENT part, under TERM EMPLOYEES-FULL-TIME AND PART-TIME, paying particular attention to paragraph Transitional provision c). In cooperation with your Regional Vice-President, check whether the application of the pay increment as applied by the employer is in conformity with this clause. In case of doubt, you should initiate the grievance process.

In Solidarity,

Denis Lalancette
2nd National Vice-President