Bulletin 02/04

January 23, 2004
TO:  Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents

RE : MG Grievance Handling

The new job descriptions are now being distributed and we have been informed that managers in some regions have established a procedure for handling MG grievances.

This procedure proved to be incorrect, and it was corrected after we intervened at the national level.

Attached is a document that will be distributed to persons authorized by the Agency in all regions to ensure fair and consistent handling of these issues.

We know that the responses to grievances MG-0018 and MG-0075 will be distributed within the next few days. At the reception of the final level reply, we will contact the members to inform them of the next steps to take. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (613) 235-6704

In Solidarity,

Lyson Paquette, B.B.A.
Labour Relations Officer

cc LRO

Following the re-issuance of MG work descriptions, these are the procedures to follow to process MG grievances

This replaces any information you may have received concerning redress issues for MG job content grievances

Redress Issues

Job Content:

  • Employees who had originally filed a job content and / or classification grievance following conversion are not required to file a second grievance. Since the process has already begun on those grievances, the Employer will respond to the job content grievances at the final level and any next steps (e.i. adjudication) will be undertaken at the national level (National Union/Employer).
  • Employees, who did not file a grievance when the work description was first issued and do not agree with the revised work description, may do so. However, these grievances are not covered by the Memorandum of Understanding on MG Group Conversion, Job Content and Classification Grievance Processing, negotiated between the PSAC and the CCRA and should follow the normal grievance procedure in accordance with the relevant collective agreement.
  • All classification grievances will be processed once all job content issues have been resolved.
  • The Job Content grievances will be closed in CAS by the staff of Corporate Organization and Classification Division once the grievances have been completed.