Marc Brière

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Work Cell
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Marc was elected by acclamation as National President for the Union of Taxation Employees at the July 2017 Triennial Convention in Ottawa.  He was again acclaimed to this same position at the July 2021 convention. Marc was re-elected in August 2023.

Union Involvement

Since 2004, Marc has been actively involved with the union in various capacities. He was the Treasurer of Local 10028 in Laval from June 2004 until his election as President of the same Local in May 2007.  Marc was reelected to this position by acclamation in 2009 and 2011.  As of July 2011, he was also elected as the Alternate RVP for the Montreal Region. Marc was elected 1st National Vice-President for the Union of Taxation Employees in July 2012 and re-elected at the July 2014 Triennial Convention in Windsor. 


Marc was the Chair of the Finance Committee and Co-Chair of the Health and Safety Committee while he was First National Vice-President. From April 2007 to September 2010, Marc was a member of the Staffing Committee as Presidents’ Representative for Locals located in Tax Services Offices.