Jérôme Martel

(418) 662-0992

Jérôme was elected Alternate RVP for the Quebec region in March 2016 following Jean-Pierre Fraser's retirement and he became RVP in August 2016 following Denis Lalancette's retirement. He is responsible for the Québec Local, the Shawinigan-South Local, the Trois-Rivières Local, the Chicoutimi Local and the Jonquière Local.

Union Involvement

Jérôme became involved in Local 10110 Chicoutimi in 2012 as a representative for term employees.  Thereafter, he contined to be involved at the local level as a steward and in March 2015 was elected Local President, a position he held until July 2016 when he became RVP.


Jérôme is Chair of the Staffing Committee and Co-chair of the By-Laws Committee.

Jérôme works in the Chicoutimi office.