Jamie vanSydenborgh

Work Cell
(905) 577-5594

Jamie vanSydenborgh was elected as Regional Vice President for the Southwestern Ontario Region at the 2011 UTE convention.  He was re-elected in 2014, 2017 and 2021. He is responsible for the Windsor, London, Kitchener, Hamilton and St.Catharines Locals.

Union Involvement

Since 1994 Jamie has been active in the union in various positions.  In 1994 he was elected Political Action Coordinator.  In 1997 he was elected Local President.  In 2000 Jamie chose to be a steward after being offered a Team Leader assignment.  In 2003 he rejoined the local executive being elected 2nd VP of the Hamilton Local and was re-elected in 2006.  Later, in 2006, Jamie became Local President again and in 2009 he was re-elected Local President. In 2008, Jamie was elected to the Alternate RVP and remained in that position until his election as RVP.

During Federal Government downsizing in the 1990s Jamie was a member of the Hamilton Joint Adjustment Committee.  He has been active in the Hamilton Area Council for many years and active in the Liberal Party of Canada and the Ontario Liberal Party and has volunteered on numerous political campaigns at the federal, provincial and municipal level.       


Jamie is the Chair of the Political Action Committee and Co-chair of the Bargaining Committee and the Union Management Approach Committee.

Jamie has been employed at the Hamilton Tax Services Office since 1991.