Meeting or Conference Planner's Checklist


  1. What is the purpose of the meeting/conference?

  2. What subjects are to be discussed?

  3. For whom is the programme being conducted?

  4. What is the size of the group?

  5. Have invitations or notices been sent?

  6. Is a date set for a follow up notice?

  7. What committee or person will be in charge?

  8. Who will act as Chairperson?

  9. When will it be held?
    • Dates and times confirmed in writing by all concerned

    • Tentative arrangements with other places cancelled

  10. Where will it be held?

  11. Has an agenda been developed?

  12. Are advance travel expenses required?

  13. Have travel advances been distributed?


  1. Have the speakers/special guests been contacted?

  2. Has their attendance been confirmed in writing?

  3. Have arrangements been made to meet them on arrival?

  4. If accommodation reservations have been made, have they been confirmed?

  5. Has the speaker been notified of his allotted time?

  6. If financial arrangements are involved, are they clear?

  7. Are photographs and biographical information available for publicity and for the introduction?

  8. Do the speakers know where the function is being held including the name or number of the room?

  9. If the speakers require slides or visual aids, have arrangements been made for their provision?


  1. Is the hotel or other building conveniently located?

  2. Is it clean and appealing?

  3. Are billing arrangements understood?

  4. What is the check out time and can special arrangements be made?

  5. Is good public transportation available?

  6. Is there a bus, taxi or limousine service from the airport?

  7. What is the availability of properly signed, preferably free, parking?


  1. How many rooms are needed?

  2. How much is the room rental?

  3. Where are the controls for heating, air conditioning and fuse box located?

  4. What are the seating arrangements desired?

    Conference                                       "U" Shape

    Head Table                                       School Room

    Number of persons

  5. Do tables and chairs have to be moved for a dance or demonstration?

    • If so, who will move them?

    • Will hotel staff be available to assist?

    • When must they be moved and how long will it take?

  1. What time does the programme start?

  2. Set up time is

  3. Are adequate restroom and cloakroom facilities available?

  4. Is the lighting adequate and how can it be dimmed for films?

  5. Have arrangements been made for water at all tables and for speakers?


  1. How many rooms are needed?

    Single __________ Double ___________ Suites___________

  1. What are the room rates?  Single_______ Double_______ Suites________
  1. Are the rooms clean and comfortable?
  1. Has written confirmation been received?
  1. On what date are uncommitted rooms to be released?
  1. Do they have individual heating and air conditioning controls?
  1. How many hospitality rooms are needed?


  1. Identify the equipment needed:
    1. Projector equipment:

      Laptop __        
      Slide___             Film Strip  __         Power Bar  __       
      Screen _____    Tape recorder ___  Extension cord __

    2. Boards:  

      Chalk __              Flannel __           Magnetic __

      Easels __            Chart stand __    Flip Charts __

    3. Other Items:

      Watch __             Speakers __                 Lectern __          

      Erasers __          Masking tape __           Scissors __                

      Pointer __            Blackout drapes __      Names badge __

      Place cards __    Grease pencil __           Marking pen __  

      Special lighting __        Platform __          Hand out material __

      Transparencies __       Writing pads __   Meeting kits __


  1. Have advance news releases been prepared?
  1. Are arrangements in hand for on spot and follow up releases?
  1. Has a photographer been arranged for?
  1. Local newspapers, radio and television stations contacted?
  1. Have introductions been prepared for the head table?


  1. Has management been advised the dates and times for
    Breakfast? ________ Luncheon? __________ Dinner?__________

  2. Have the menu selections been confirmed?

  3. Has consideration been given to special diet requests?   

  4. What is the price per plate (including tips and taxes)?
    Breakfast? ________ Luncheon? _________ Dinner?___________

  5. What is the total number to be served?

  6. What if any, is the minimum guarantee?

  7. If a head table is required, how many settings are necessary?

  8. Are place cards required for the head table?

  9. Coffee breaks           A.M. _______________  P.M. ______________

  10. Beverages   Coffee________ tea________ soft drinks__________

  11. What is the selection of doughnuts, rolls, etc.?

  12. What is to be the liquor policy for the social hour?
    By the drink               By the bottle
    Selected liquors       Complete bar

  13. Are hors d'oeuvres to be served?

  14. Has management been advised of the number for social hour?

  15. What is the cost of the social hour?


  1. If a registration desk is needed, has it been arranged for?

  2. Have arrangements been made for a special announcement sign in the lobby and for directional signs elsewhere?

  3. If delegates are required to present credentials, have arrangements been made to send these to them?

  4. Are special decorations required and if so, has action been taken for them?

  5. Are minutes of the meeting to be taken? If so, by whom?


  1. Tick the items as they are checked:
  • Cloakroom open
  • Operation of lights
  • Proper seating arrangements
  • Enough seats
  • Cooling/heating system operating
  • Registration desk provided
  • Announcement and other signs in place
  • Equipment set up and working properly:
    • Projectors
    • Recording equipment
    • Lectern (check light)
    • Special lighting (if any)
    • Chart stands
    • Easels
    • Blackboard / White board
    • Pointer​
  • Material properly distributed:
    • Water and glasses
    • Pencils
    • Note pads
  • Arrangements made to take telephone messages
  • Special decorations properly set up


  1. Have financial expenditures, including travel expenses been properly accounted for?

  2. Have thank you letters been sent?

  3. Has a list of things which went wrong been drawn up?

  4. List of things especially well received.