Life Member, Marcel Bertrand

Honours and Awards Committee
Life Member, Marcel Bertrand

Marcel Bertrand and Betty Bannon

Marcel Bertrand, RVP Quebec Region, received the honorary title of Life Member at the 2008 Triennial Convention. The award was presented by Betty Bannon, National President.

In the photo: Marcel Betrand, Betty Bannon

Marcel started his career at Revenue Canada in 1973 at the Ottawa Taxation Centre.

After his transfer to the Shawinigan-South Taxation Centre in 1978, he was one of the founding members of UTE Local 10005.

He held the positions of Steward, Chief Steward and President of the Shawinigan-South Local.

He was elected Regional Vice-President of the Quebec Region in 1996 at the UTE National Triennial Convention in Edmonton.

On the UTE Executive Council, he held the positions of Chair of the Harassment Committee and Co-Chair of the Workforce Adjustment Committee.

For the 2011 Convention, he was invited by the Executive Council to Chair the Nominations Committee.

 Marcel retired the day after our Vancouver Convention in July 2008.

He spends his time lounging, reading and speed-walking.

He travels occasionally within Canada and to Europe.