Life Member, Louis Cadieux

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Life Member, Louis Cadieux

Louis Cadieux

Brother Cadieux was awarded Life Membership in 2001.

Brother Louis Cadieux started on December 6, 1976, as an auditor with Revenue Canada at the Montreal District Office.

His involvement with the union at Local 10008 (Montreal) began during the CR strike, when he replaced someone who had resigned, and it lasted 22 years.

Brother Cadieux was Vice-President of Local 10008 for a number of years. His main issues: occupational health and safety and the Employee Assistance Program.

Brother Cadieux was President of Local 10008 for some time. In 1983, he was transferred to the new Saint-Hubert Tax Office.

Several months later, Brother Cadieux formed the Montérégie local and was appointed President of Local 10017.

Brother Cadieux was a member of the UTE National Executive Council for a number of years as RVP of the greater Montreal region. He was an active member of the EAP regional committee.   During his term as RVP, he helped set up the local for the Laval Tax Office following the PSAC strike.

He ended his union career as President of the Montérégie Local before retiring in 2001.

The UTE National Executive Council appointed him a Lifetime Member further to his performance.

His greatest quality: he always listened to the members and was capable of controlling a Local’s general meeting. What I remember about him: he ran a meeting with an IRON HAND IN A VELVET GLOVE.