Honours and Awards Committee

Ghislaine Audet Receives the UTE Honorary Member Award

Betty Bannon, Ghislaine Audet

Ghislaine Audet received the Honorary Member Award and was presented the award by Betty Bannon, National President at the September 2007 Presidents' Conference in Ottawa.

Biography of Ghislaine Audet

Sister Audet began her career in the early 1970s working at the Department of Revenue Canada, as it was called at the time.

In 1976, further to a request from the President of Local 10008 Montreal at the time, she accepted the position of secretary at this Local. Thus, she became an employee paid by the Montreal Local.

Through her skills, her straight-talk, her own union beliefs and her determination, she was able to go beyond her role as just a secretary.

Re-appointed for several years as administrative assistant of the Montreal Local, Sister Audet demonstrated her commitment to achieving the aims and objectives of UTE.

It is also largely due to her that the Collective Union Knowledge of the Montreal Local was able to be conveyed smoothly from one union team to another and therefore on the quality of services provided to members.

Still working for the Montreal Local, she has perhaps been working in the shadows since 1976, but she is like us: She lives the UTE philosophy every day and believes in it.