Honours and Awards Committee

Scholarship Award Recipients 2019

The national $2,500 scholarships for 2019 are awarded to:

National Diana Gee scholarship: Chloe Blondin, 00018 Windsor
The other national scholarship is awarded to: Blake Ackerman, 40022 Regina

The regional $1,000 scholarships for 2019 are awarded to:

The Al Rollins Atlantic Regional Scholarship: Kyra Doyle, 90006 Summerside T.C.
The Quebec Regional Scholarship: Julie Harvey, 10006 Québec
The Jean Bergeron Montreal Regional Scholarship: Mona Zakarneh, 20029 Surrey T.C. *
The National Capital Regional Scholarship: Caitlyn Albert, 70000, Ottawa Headquarters
The Northern and Eastern Ontario Regional Scholarship: Emily Porter, 00011 Kingston
The Nick Stein Southwestern Ontario Regional Scholarship: Ollivander Fraser, 00014 Hamilton
The Greater Toronto Regional Scholarship: Amanda Rivera, 00001 Toronto East
The Prairies Regional Scholarship: Madison Mork, 50031 Winnipeg T.C.
The Don Davoren Rocky Mountains Regional Scholarship: Caterina Eremondi, 40023 Saskatoon
The Pacific Regional Scholarship: Joshua Matsui, 20027 Vancouver T.S.O.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

* Jean-Bergeron scholarship was awarded to the Pacific Region. We had no applicants from the Montreal Region.