Health and Safety Committee

Q - Should WPHSC members feel pressured by their supervisor or any employer representative when they ask for paid leave to perform their duties?

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The following sections of the CLC Part II state:

Time required for duties

135.1 (10) The members of a committee are entitled to take the time required, during their regular working hours,

(a) to attend meetings or to perform any of their other functions; and
(b) for the purposes of preparation and travel, as authorized by both chairpersons of the committee.

Payment of wages

135.1 (11) A committee member shall be compensated by the employer for the functions described in paragraphs (10)(a) and (b), whether performed during or outside the member’s regular working hours, at the member’s regular rate of pay or premium rate of pay, as specified in the collective agreement or, if there is no collective agreement, in accordance with the employer’s policy.

A - Therefore this should never happen but if it does it should be immediately be brought to the attention of the Co-chairs.  If this remains a problem it should be reported to the National Office.  (ensure your local and your RVP are advised)