Health and Safety Committee

Q - Who is responsible to sign the T4009 in the section identified for the WPHSC?

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The following sections of the CLC Part II state:

Duties of committee

135. (7)
...(e) shall participate in all of the inquiries, investigations, studies and inspections pertaining to the health and safety of employees, including any consultations that may be necessary with persons who are professionally or technically qualified to advise the committee on those matters;

Chairpersons to assign functions

135.1 (8) The chairpersons of a committee shall jointly designate members of the committee to perform the functions of the committee under this Part as follows:
(a) if two or more members are designated, at least half of the members shall be employee members; or
(b) if one member is designated, the member shall be an employee member.

A - Therefore, the member or members of the WPHSC assigned, by the two Chairs, to participate in the inquiries, investigations, studies and inspections sign the T4009 form.  If only one member is assigned then it must be an employee representative of the WPHSC.