Health and Safety Committee

Q - If scaffolding is used at the workplace, are there any requirements that address this?

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The following sections of the COHSR state:


3.10 (1) The erection, use, dismantling or removal of a scaffold shall be carried out by or under the supervision of a qualified person.
(2) The footings and supports of every scaffold shall be capable of carrying, without dangerous settling, all loads that are likely to be imposed on them.
(3) Every scaffold shall be capable of supporting at least four times the load that is likely to be imposed on it.
(4) The platform of every scaffold shall be at least 480 mm wide and securely fastened in place.

Safety Nets

3.13 (1) Where there is a hazard that tools, equipment or materials may fall onto or from a temporary structure, the employer shall provide a protective structure or a safety net to protect from injury any employee on or below the temporary structure.
(2) The design, construction and installation of a safety net referred to in subsection (1) shall meet the standards set out in ANSI Standard ANSI A10.11-1979, dated August 7, 1979.

A – Yes, as identified in the above sections.