Health and Safety Committee

Q - Does the employer have to ensure that there is a person assigned to take the WPHSC minutes? Can it be a WPHSCe member?

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The following section of the Safety and Health Committees and Representatives Regulations (SHCRR) states:


9. (2) The chairman selected by the representatives of the employer shall provide, as soon as possible after each safety and health committee meeting, a copy of the minutes referred to in subsection (1) to the employer and to each member of the safety and health committee.

A - This confirms that it is the responsibility of the chairperson selected by the representatives of the employer to ensure that minutes are taken.  The employee selected to take the minutes are, in most cases, not as a member of the WPHSC.  If a member of the WPHSC, volunteer’s to take the minutes or the members of the WPHSC choose to alternate to take the minutes there is nothing that disallows this.